About Me

I am an Australian Christian, living in Brisbane with my husband and the younger of my two children.

I work part-time for a Blinds & Shutters business and spend much of the rest of my time researching and failing to grow vegetables.

I love Jesus and my family, and I am horrified by what I see around me – the extent of government corruption, the collusion with Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media, the conflicts of interest and the overall plan of total control that is playing out before our eyes in these days.

I began writing articles for Town Cryer Media last year (a link to my articles can be found above) when I felt the need to disseminate information that the main stream media refuse to publish. I believe the days are evil and that with control of the media in the hands of so very few, and with the progressive decline of our freedoms, the time is now to speak out and make whatever difference one can, because:

“Evil will flourish when good people do nothing” (attributed variously to John Stuart Mill and Edmund Burke the statement remains true) and:

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” (Richard Feynman)

The word “trawthe” is a middle English term used by the author of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight to denote “truth”, “honour” and “fidelity”. “Trawthe” encompassed the noblest and highest characteristics to which a Knight could aspire.

Please feel free to browse my site and copy and share as much information as you can. There are numerous links to external sources which I encourage you to follow in doing your own research. Please note that information at these sites is the sole responsibility of the respective site owners and I am not responsible for any of their content.