Article 6 – The Great Reset

Published in the Tamborine Bulletin and the Yarrabilba Bulletin December 2020.

Did You Know?

  • That the World Economic Forum (WEF) was founded by Klaus Schwab, a German engineer/economist whose ideas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution include the stakeholder concept where society is “no longer regarded as a living community but as a business, whose profitability is the sole valid aim of human activity.”
  • That admirers of the WEF describe how it creates “partnerships between businessmen, politicians, intellectuals and other leaders of society to ‘define, discuss and advance key issues on the global agenda’.”
  • That these ‘partnerships’ “are aimed at replacing democracy with a global leadership of hand-picked and unelected individuals whose duty is not to serve the public, but to impose the rule of the 1% on that public with as little interference from the rest of us as possible.”
  • That the WEF “is funded by the contributions of around a thousand of the world’s leading corporations”.
  • That Prince Charles joined a number of speakers to launch the Forum’s Great Reset in June 2020, where the focus is on re-shaping the entire global system, economically, politically and socially, with decisions being made by these WEF stakeholders, without reference to anyone else.
  • That Mark Angelides from Liberty Nation quotes the WEF saying of itself that “The (WEF) engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas”. Mark notes that their purpose is “’to shape’ … Not to ‘start a debate’… And make no mistake, what they propose is fascism in its most visceral sense.” He adds this quote from WEF’s website: “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. This is how our world could change by 2030”. Mark then asks “What happens to the home you own now, or your parent’s home? If ‘you’ own nothing, who owns the things you are renting? … Is it the state? Is it global organizations? … (there) must be digital cash. Imagine every purchase you make being noted, approved, or denied by a government algorithm based on criteria you never agreed to.”
  • That the definition of fascism is “a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life … with no expression of political disagreement allowed”.
  • That Klaus Schwab insists that his preferred future “will only come about through improved global governance”
  • That the WEF was a co-sponsor of Event 201 in December 2019, along with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Event 201 was the simulated coronavirus pandemic, held just months before COVID-19 first appeared.