Sign the Petition to “Make Australia Healthy Again”

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When the government fears the people we have liberty, when people fear their government we have TYRANNY.

Please click here to sign the petition demanding that the Australian Government cease and desist from:

  • Serving their National and International Corporate Buddies and selling off Australia to these Corporations against the Will of the Australian People.
  • Taking away the Rights and Freedoms of the Australian People granted in our Australian Constitution.
  • Over-reaching Government Authority without Permission of the Australian People via Lawful Constitutional Referendum
  • Attempting to Unlawfully Erode and modify our Australian Constitutional Law through Corporate Dishonesty, Stealth and Corruption against the People of Australia
  • Taking away our choice as to what we place in our Bodies and the Bodies of our Children.
  • Implementing this Draconian Lockdown destroying our Country, our Economy, our Assets, our Businesses and our Families, over a non-existent International Corporate PLAN DEMIC deceiving the World Population over a planted ‘Common Cold like’ decoy virus, causing a manufactured false ‘Flu like’ disease, Covid19, defined by a false RT/PCR test.


Rise up in Lawful Rebellion under the Constitution of Australia 1901 and Article 61 of the Magna Carta that is our Right, and
Restore Democracy, Law and Order to our Great Southern Land under our Sovereign and Almighty God our Creator

More information is available at the Make Australia Healthy Again website, click here.

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